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A warm welcome to the PLUSPERFECT LIFESTYLE website. We trust that your visit will be a pleasant experience.

These are our first baby-steps in the online business and we aim to get more and more hand-crafters involved in order to expand our variety and make it available nationwide and even overseas at a later stage. Specially the proudly South-African hand-crafted items.

Please feel free to complete our Contact form at the bottom of each page, if you have any questions, complaints or suggestions to improve our site or if you want to become part of our team. Keep watching our blogs as we plan amazing subjects in the time to come. From 4 x 4 driving to mouthwatering recipes. New items to the website, will also feature in our monthly newsletter as well as on our Facebook page.

Our aim is to make your PLUSPERFECT LIFESTYLE online buying experience outstanding and unique. 

PS. Remember to read the important notice, description and measurement directions carefully before submit the order.

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