To have a new website seeing first light, is more effort and planning than a couple deciding to have their first baby. One does not really know what to expect or what lies ahead. You only have the picture of that little love bundle in mind.



In the next few weeks, I want to take you with me on the journey to the ‘birth’ of this website via our blog.


The thought was born

When hubby was putting on compulsory pension by the mining company we worked for, my daughter and I decided that we are going to start our own business from home. We would supply custom made clothing to people struggling to find bigger sizes.  We were so enthusiastic that she went for a short designer course and we started preparing to make and break the whole world. We had dreams of building this empire that's going to change the whole clothing industry.

Suddenly one day, we came to the shocking realization that neither one of us really have the skills to do this. And the terrifying thought of doing one-on-one marketing scares the blue fire out of us. Not pleased to admit this, we dropped the whole project and my daughter accepted a ‘normal’ day job.

And there I was ……. May 2017. Dreams shattered and a financial position that needs urgent attention. Days and nights of thinking this way and that way and browsing around the web looking for ideas, was my daily bread.  I was in desperate need of a new dream, inspiration and courage in order to have harmony in my house again. I even started crocheting bed socks, leg warmers and scarfs for winter time, just to keep my sanity. One of these restless browsing nights I came across all these handmade groups on Facebook and immediately send out requests to about twelve groups to be accepted as member. I thought maybe some light might start shining through this action. Posting my own handmade items on Facebook, I noticed all the other people posting endless pictures of their hand-crafted items.

All of a sudden, one night during June 2017, a thought was born:  I am going to establish a website where I can help other people to market their precious handcrafted items. Very humble, I have to admit that I have excellent administration skills and to administer a website like this, would be as easy as falling from a tree... or at least ... that was what I thought.

Join me again for part two when I tell you about the hours and hours of planning, investigation, phone calls, obstacles and prospects to have this website seeing the first light like a new-born baby.

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